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BISCO has successfully completed over 80,000 REAC inspections. We have been very involved in the ongoing improvement of the REAC inspection product since the first pilot programs, and many of our suggestions were incorporated in the current PASS product.  BISCO prides itself on  providing our nation-wide network of REAC Inspectors with the best support available. BISCO has mature and stable software systems designed specifically to integrate with REAC's 'Scheduler' and 'PASS On-line' computer systems to track REAC inspection scheduling, confirmation, completion, and quality control. We can quickly report on our entire REAC inspection history of every property inspected upon request. We have a inspector website to keep our inspectors informed of their schedules, give them access to an expert help system, HUD REAC Bulletins, a REAC inspection specific newsletter, and other resources to help them produce the best possible REAC reports.
HUD REAC Inspections